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A Little City Within A City - known as The Lovelady Center (TLC)

The Lovelady Center is a nine to twelve-month program designed to restore hope and rebuild lives. With that mission in mind, we open the door for children to be housed at the center as well. Women and children enter our program for various reasons, but all enter because they are in need of help. The Lovelady Center helps women attain a brighter future by introducing them and their children to a victorious life in Christ, as well as offering a multitude of services.

The Lovelady Center is unique amongst rehab centers in the transitional services we offer. We are not a shelter that offers refuge from a life-problem. We are, rather, a life-changing program. We offer the tools necessary to overcome barriers and provide our clients with an option for permanent recovery. The multi-faceted mission of The Lovelady Center is where we are the most distinct. No other program offers medical services, counseling services, life-skills training, parenting classes, job training, childcare, nutrition, housing, GED preparation, and post-secondary education through Judson College - all within the same center.

On average, 40% of the Loveladies are self-admitted. Self-admissions include women who are homeless, escaping domestic violence, substance addiction, or simply have nowhere else to turn.

The other 60% come from a variety of places. Some come from a Justice system referral (such as Birmingham Work Release) and are on parole, probation, or a re-entry program. Circuit Judges throughout Alabama send women to The Lovelady Center as an alternative sentencing arrangement. Some ladies are referred from Social Services agencies, such as DHR.

Practical services are offered daily to over 450 women and children. The services we offer include three meals a day, clothing, medical care, and basic hygiene products.

Services Provided By The Lovelady Center

The Lovelady Center counselors provide substance abuse counseling, and drug rehabilitation services, according to specific program guidelines.

Transportation services are offered 24 hours a day. Women and children are transported to and from work therapy assignments, employment for certain phases, school, medical appointments, community outreach projects, community events, Celebrate Recovery meetings*, and various church sponsored activities.
*For more information about Celebrate Recovery, visit:

Loveladies are required to attend classes for graduation. Through our partnership with Judson College*, women are offered the chance to gain higher education, and job skills. Our Workforce Development Program trains, and assists the Loveladies in finding sustainable jobs to ensure a bright future.
*For more information on Judson College, visit:

Why We're Here

The Department of Justice Bureau of Statistics recently reported that nearly 68% of prisoners are re-arrested within three years of leaving prison. Why? In Alabama, women released from prison are given $10, a white t-shirt, and a one-way bus ticket back to the same county of their conviction. The Justice System does not have a transitional program that helps women re-enter society.

Tutwiler Women's Facility was designed for a capacity of 400. As of November 2016, Tutwiler's population is 975 women! The need for residential rehabilitation and community transitional programs has become great.

The Christian Post has reported that participants of faith-based initiatives show drastically lower recidivism (when those who exit prison return) to rates-as low as 15%.

A few months ago, Miss Brenda received a call from Warden Steve Watson of the Alabama Department of Corrections to inform us that The Lovelady Center was partially responsible for a decrease in the recidivism rate across our state. While the Center focuses directly on working with women inmates, our success has lowered the rate for both men and women.

It is our most sincere desire to help these women free themselves from the bond of incarceration. If you consider the number of women who have come to us from Tutwiler Prison since 2010 under the current SRP program, using The Alabama Department of Correction's own financial data (showing the difference in cost per day between a woman incarcerated at Tutwiler versus being in an SRP program), we have saved the state over $3,400,000. And when you couple that with a recidivism rate being in the single digits for the prisoners who complete our program, then the monetary and societal savings go much higher.

ALABAMA PUBLIC SAFETY AND SENTENCING COALITION Consensus Report has some staggering "bold text" statements which parallel the message we are trying to convey. The report is located at:

Women who are released from prison face the challenges of finding long-term employment, housing, transportation, basic utility payments, adequate childcare, and more. The Lovelady Center provides tools for women to enter society as productive and esteemed individuals, and provides access to continue education. Families are given the tools for success in their own lives. Likewise, communities benefit from the increase of individual families. Your support helps us unlock the dreams and opportunities for many women and children who are seeking to change their lives. Please help us keep the doors open and opportunities abounding through volunteering of your time, the remembrance of our ministry in your prayers, the donation of any goods as well as gently used, unneeded items to the Lovelady Thrift Stores, and of course, your financial support.

Partner with us in the transformation of broken lives.

Thank you for keeping dreams alive! 


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