Entry Application for The Lovelady Center

Thank you for your interest in The Lovelady Center Program. Individuals interested in applying for entry into The Lovelady Center Program must fill out an application completely. You may mail your completed application, attention Intake Services, to 7916 2nd Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35206, or send via fax, 205-833-9997.

The Lovelady Center's purpose is to help women build a strong, positive foundation in Christ, overcome barriers to success by providing access to continued education, train in job readiness, counsel, rehabilitate, and walk forward with confidence into the life God inteded for them to live.

Our mission statement is empowering women, through faith-based initiatives so they can return to society as well equipped women of God. We do this by providing a safe, structured, loving environment. We offer various classes referencing many life issues. The Residents of The Lovelady Center consist of many different walks of life, needing our services for many reasons.

Once Intake Services receives your Entry Application, we will process it and mail you a letter of determination stating if you have been Accepted, Placed on the Waiting List, or Denied.

If your name is on the waiting list, it is your responsibility to contact Intake Services weekly to see if a bed is available. If we do not hear from you, your name will be removed. It is important to understand once your name is placed on the waiting list and you are contacted about an available bed, you must arrive at The Lovelady Center on the date agreed upon.

If you are currently incarcerated, we will mail you an acceptance letter, however, if your release date exceeds 60 days, you will need to notify our Intake Department for an acceptance date that corresponds with your release date.

Clients are required to pay an Intake Fee of $500.00 upon arrival.

Children are not permitted until Phase II. At that time approval is based upon room availability and the decision of staff members. We will do our best to accommodate you and your children as soon as possible, but it could take an additional week or two once you are in Phase II.


The Lovelady Center's Client Handbook The Lovelady Center's Client Handbook

For more information about our program and what to expect as a client, click below to view the Client Handbook.




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