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Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Lovelady Center benefit the community?
When a woman is helped, a family benefits; when a family benefits, a community grows. Incarceration costs taxpayers thousands of dollars per year.

According to the Birmingham Business Journal:
"Alabama taxpayers spend nearly $15,000 every year for each of the 24,000 people incarcerated in the state's prison system."

The Lovelady Center keeps women out of prison and helps prevent women from re-entering prison. We are the only Supervised Reentry Program (SRP) in Alabama, monitored and guided by the Alabama Department of Corrections.

The Benefits of Faith-Based Recovery Programs

Women who are released from prison are challenged by the prospect of finding long-term employment, housing, transportation, and more. By providing tools for women to enter society as productive and esteemed individuals, and providing access to continued education, families are given the tools for success in their own lives. 

TLC enables women to go forward in life by teaching them to properly support themselves and their children. We are equipped to assist residents in every step of their journey into a new way of life. Our TLC staff members act as advocates for our residents - guiding them into educational opportunities which will ready them for success.


How is Lovelady Funded?
It is our goal to become totally self-sufficient. Currently through our two Thrift Store operations and more, we generate approximately 70% of our current budget.

The remainder of our financial needs, including capital requirements, come from our many individual supporters and numerous foundations, churches, and corporations.

Do you only accept felons or previously incarcerated women into your program?
Absolutely not. There are residents who have never been incarcerated who are living at the Center, including women who simply walk in seeking opportunities to live a drug-free life. Program success has convinced women from states as far away as Maryland, California & Hawaii to seek admission.

The Center also serves as a place for alternative sentencing, when Alabama judges are willing to give women an alternative to jail/prison. in this way, rehabilitation can happen on the forefront, rather than after incarceration. The Center also accepts referrals from social service agencies, family court, and other substance abuse programs. 


Why is this program successful?
For many, we have become known as the "whole-way house" for women, because we work by a "teach a woman to fish" philosophy. We believe that meeting physical needs is only the first step in the process. By giving them spiritual instruction, lasting educational, job readiness training and emotional support, women can learn to take responsibility for their lives. 

Consider this: A person can be given employment skills, clothing, food, transportation and even money, but if they do not know how to make right decisions with available resources, these advantages are unable to be utilized for success. Life skills classes and decision making applications are crucial to their success.


How can I help?
There are many ways you can help!

First and foremost, you can lift us up in your prayers. You can click on Tell A Friend to help us spread the word about our mission, our programs, our events and our fundraisers.

You can also make a monetary donation online or mail a check to 7916 2nd Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35206, payable to: The Lovelady Center.

We also welcome your support of any of our open fundraisers. You can even host your own personal fundraiser on our website!

Shop/Donate to Lovelady Thrift Stores
Pickup Number: 205-951-9230

Looking for a great deal on clothes, furniture, electornics, home goods and more? You can visit one of our Thrift Stores (located in Clay and Irondale) and purchase items that you will love! 100% of the money you spend comes directly back to support the women and children who live at The Lovelady Center! Shop-Save Lives... It's a Win-Win!!

You can also contact us if you are interested in volunteer opportunities. We could not do what we do without God and generous people like YOU! 

More information: More information:

To learn more about our program and what to expect as a client, you may view the Client Handbook by clicking below.



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