Freedom Rain Academy is a subsidiary of the Lovelady Center, a holistic, Christ-centered program for women in crisis. The Lovelady Center is the largest ministry of its kind, currently serving over 400 women and children. The women who come to the center have faced problems including homelessness, abuse, addiction and incarceration. Our ladies complete rehabilitation and community transitional programs that range from nine to twelve months. The center has an average of 75 school-aged children throughout the year. Freedom Rain Academy addresses the academic and emotional needs of these children.


Our children often come to us grade levels behind academically and with emotional and cognitive needs that exceed the average student. Due to the nature of their needs, our local schools lacked the resources to help our children in the healing process. Our students then tried a private Christian school. However, the school asked that our children make a full school-year commitment and that we not enroll children once the academic year began. The Lovelady Center program is a year-long program with children arriving daily throughout the year. We needed an alternative.


We created a holistic approach to our children's schooling with an on-site kindergarten through eighth grade school, Freedom Rain Academy. Our goal is to help in the restoration process of the family with a Christ-centered learning environment, small student to teacher ratios and opportunities for therapeutic intervention. Students are able to join the Academy as soon as they arrive at the center. We began in August 2015 and served over 40 students throughout the last school year.


"Before Annie attended Freedom Rain Academy, she struggled with behavioral and school issues. She attended our local school, but her grades and involvement in class were poor. They suggested she needed medication due to her lack of focus in class. We tried and they helped some, but it wasn't where I knew as her mother she could be. I pulled her from the local school and put her in Freedom Rain. As a parent, I was worried about her school performance and taking her into a new school, but I knew this was a necessary move. In Freedom Rain, she blossomed! She isn't holding back and she isn't nervous. All of the teachers give their time and effort to her. Her grades went up and she no longer needs medication. She enjoys school and doesn't see it as a chore or like she has to do it! She comes home so excited to go back. She grew to love reading and math is her favorite! They have helped my daughter grow and prepare her for the next years in school ahead of her! There is no stopping this one!"

- proud parent of a FRA second grader!



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