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Transformation for a Lovelady Thrift Store Shopper

by Brenda Spahn


I'm hesitant to admit that I had never even been to a thrift store when we founded The Lovelady Center. After a few years, I came to the realization that one of the best ways to fund our ministry of transforming women's lives in Alabama would be through the support that could come from owning thrift stores. I immediately decided that we would own the stores and they would not own us - we would always put the women's program first. Unlike many thrift stores, every penny we make goes back to the Center, and allows our residents to learn discipline and a good work ethic, as well as teaching them interaction with community members. This proved to be a "win-win!" People received great bargains, we received a large portion of our funding from Lovelady Thrift Stores, and the women became accustomed to a sober life, meeting and helping our shoppers.


I live in a large, older home - the original "Lovelady Whole-Way House" at Hob Hill -  that had been furnished over a period of years with some beautiful things. However, as I strolled down our aisles at the Lovelady Thrift Stores, I saw things that really appealed to me. So my house began overflowing with these "treasures," and I ended up helping fund our thrift stores with all my shopping there.

I recently made a decision that I would donate all of my sitting room furniture and then re-furnished that room. EVERYTHING had to come from Lovelady Thrift Stores. Then I went to my husband's man-cave. I bought a sectional that had been in the furniture department for three days (that's my rule - don't buy from my own stores unless it's been available to other shoppers for at least three days), and donated everything else in the man-cave, continuing my redecorating process. I am amazed that I was able to put together a beautiful room for him for under $950.


The chair by my front door was one no one wanted. It sat and sat in the furniture department for two weeks. I decided, "why not?" I absolutely love it and even recovered it myself with materials from Hobby Lobby. This beautiful chair cost me less than $100 and now sits in my foyer.


And I've always had a passion for oriental decor but have never owned much, so when I saw these beautiful pieces come into the store, I decided I didn't care what anyone thought, I was going oriental!! After my three-day-rule was met, I began to buy the oriental treasures, recovered the upholstery on some old chairs I found, and I just adore this whole look. I have my own oriental room! It cost me about $1,000 in all for that room!


Many days I see beautiful pieces walk out the store sold, but I stick to my rules, nonetheless. Can you imagine what YOU might find in our stores being able to just waltz in and buy something on day ONE? I learned that it's best for you to come in and look at least three times a week to find the rarest treasures. I find $100 retail pieces in here for $5-$20 all the time. I'm going to continue evaluating my whole house.


These pictures display my "Thrift Store Treasure Rooms," as I call them. I cannot believe it took me so many years to finally become a thrifter! I think of the money I wasted on retail. When I donate something to Lovelady Thrift Stores, I buy a treasure from there to take its place - that's another rule of mine - and pretty soon, my big old house looks so good.

Our women refurbish old furniture and make beautiful pieces to sell in the stores, as you will see in the pictures. They love doing that. Taking something old and making it new and wanted again seems to have an impact on them. "And He Who was seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new'." Revelation 21:5


And by the way… what I was wearing the day we took these pictures…. You guessed it…. was also purchased at the Lovelady Thrift Store.


So I am inviting YOU to shop our stores - its a "win-win" for us both - and if you mention the "Hob Hill Redecorating" to the cashier, you'll receive 10% off your entire purchase through June 1st!


Pictured Living Room refurnish cost: $500

Pictured Livingroom piece $250


And if you see something in these pictures you donated, just remember, it's MINE now :) I bought it at Lovelady Thrift!



We have two great locations to shop!

IRONDALE: 7720 Ludington Lane (the former Curcuit City location)
CLAY: 2402 Old Springville Road (the former Winn-Dixie location)

Both thrift stores provide not only a needed service to Jefferson County by offering affordable necessities, but they also support the work of The Lovelady Center by funding a significant portion of our annual operating budget and providing job training skills to our clients through our job readiness program. 

If you would like to help support the 500+ women and children at The Lovelady Center by donating your gently used or new items, please call 205-951-9230 to schedule a pick up or click the convenient on-line scheduling link below!!





Donate Your Gently-Used Items, Shop for awesome savings, save the lives of
women and their children in Alabama!!




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