Help Us Unlock Dreams & Opportunities

Brenda Lovelady Spahn
Founder/Executive Director


Melinda Megahee
Director/Board Secretary

Board of Directors


John McNeil
Chairman of the Board

Honorable John Amari
Vice Chairman

Don Ankenbrandt
Board Member

Matthew Gregory
Board Member


Kate Nielsen

Don Menendez

Will Brooke

Baker Crow


The Lovelady Center Staff


Brenda Lovelady Spahn
Founder/Executive Director

(205) 833-7410

Melinda MeGahee

Director/Board Secretary

(205) 833-7410 ext. 304

John McNeil
Board Chairman/Chief Operating Officer
(205) 833-7410 ext. 309

Beau Gregory
Director of Operations

(205) 937-4957


Joseph MeGahee
Executive Assistant

(205) 833-7410 ext. 304

Rosie Mullen
Human Resources

(205) 833-7410 ext. 313

Dr. Debra Jones, D.Min., A.F.S. Psych
Director of Counseling Services

(205) 833-7410 ext. 103


Tina K. St. John
Program Director

(205) 473-9321
(205) 833-7410 ext. 320

Wendy Capps Chapman
Director of Judicial Services/Social Services

(205) 641-3098


Stephanie Smith
Director of Development

(205) 836-3121


Jeanne Sparks
Director of Communications

(205) 520-3010

Campus Pastor
Pastor Lestley Drake

(205) 492-5673

Joann Knight-Henry
Director of Intake

(706) 585-2948


Donna Smith
Director of Procurement

(205) 808-2954

Joni Morton
Volunteer Coordinator
(727) 458-9113


Carrie Baskin
KidZone Director

(205) 833-KIDS (5437)

Amanda Harrison
Director of Transportation

(205) 808-2735

Lyn Nelson
Kitchen Supervisor
(205) 833-7410

Head of Security
Mary Beth Benson
(205) 203-2539

Maintenance Supervisor
Donny Porter
(205) 833-7410

Art Director
Teresa McCay

Elizabeth Ellis
General Manager
Lovelady Thrift Store Clay

(205) 445-9090

Karen Willbourn
General Manager
Lovelady Thrift Store Irondale

Client Representatives:
Paula Richardson (Phase 1)

Melissa Gregory (Restoration Dorm)

Tammy Porter
Director of Early Release Programs (SRP)

Tiffany Ramming (Phase 2-4 Furloughed Inmates)

Cindy Ledkins (Phase 2-4)

Holli Martin (Phase 2-4)

Wendy Kennedy (Phase 2-4)

Bobbie Raye Smith (Phase 2-4)

Iris Stone (Aftercare)

Jennifer Kieffer (Residential Graduates)

Holly Haynes (Overflow Dorm)




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