Recovery Program Recovery Program

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Transitional– This ministry was created to help women in transition. Everyone in this Program is at minimum here for transition. Women who have recently been released on parole, reached their end of sentence, or find themselves needing help to transition to become independent women of God can be greatly benefited through this Program.

SRP- Some of the women participating in the transitional Program are here on Department of Corrections Supervised Reentry Program "SRP." The duration of an SRP client's stay is based on when they will end their sentence or make parole, although we strongly recommend the SRP client to graduate Lovelady.

Alternative Sentence– Some women are sentenced to complete our Program by Judges and Probation\Parole officers. That client is required to complete or reside here for a certain length of time. We respect and honor all orders we receive.

Others- As stated earlier, we have many clients who are here on "self," meaning they simply recognize their need for help, and/or are trying to prevent being court ordered. DHR might have asked one to come for a better environment or to get additional life skills.

What Does It Take to Graduate Lovelady?

• Complete 9-12 months: We are a 9-12-month Program, depending on how long it takes you to accomplish all the criteria. However, there is a nine-month minimum. (Exception: those coming directly from prison may be approved for our 6-month reentry Program - download the handbook as suggested above or scroll to the bottom to view our flipbook version and refer to the index for more information.)

• Progress through our Five-Phase process.

• Acquire a minimum of 34 credits: Page 11 of the handbook offers details on how to earn credits, and this is one of the main components we use to measure your efforts. There are classes offered to fit most every need, from spiritual to physical, during your participation in the Program.

• Obtain 34 Continuing Education Credits (see page 15 of the handbook for details)

• Obtain GED, if applicable

• Complete required counseling (See page 16 of handbook for details)

• Participate in our Job Readiness Program

• Obtain a state issued ID or Driver's License, Birth Certificate and Social Security Card.

• Clear up any outstanding warrants or legal issues you have

• Must maintain sobriety throughout course of Program

• Must be current with your Program fees

• Must have positive home-plan