Rising Hope Academy

Our Mission

Rising Hope Academy is designed to disciple students and parents in the process of healing from traumatic events, giving them the tools to foster resilliance and hope in a Christ-centered learning environment.


Core Principles

  • Disciple Parents & Students
  • Utilize Trauma-Informed Practices
  • Individualized, Prescripted Academics

Our model focuses on these three elements to promote healing and foundational change to break the cycles associated with the life events that cause toxic stress. Without learning the tools of resiliancy to overcome this stress, a child is at much higher risk for long term social, behavioral, health & emotional issues. At Rising Hope Academy, teaching resiliance is the key to unlocking a solid foundation to bring their God-given potential to life. 


Find out more by visiting www.risinghopeacademy.org or email info@risinghopeacademy.org


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