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If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer at The Lovelady Center, please click the button below to download the PDF version of our Volunteer Application. Please be sure to fill it out in it's entirety.

You can hand-deliver the completed application to us at:
7916 2nd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35206, fax the application to 205-833-9997, attention Joni Morton, or scan and email it to If you would like to speak with Joni, she can be reached at 205-833-7410.

It is only through God and thoughtful people like you that we can continue to help change the lives of women and their children in Alabama. The impact you pioneer when you enter their home and accept them with the love of Jesus cannot be measured. Many of our women have been cut off from society, family and friends. For a "stranger" who has nothing to gain from them accepts them and loves on them, the healing and regrowth that happens is something only YOU can do.

Thank you in advance for sharing your time and talents with us!
God bless you!











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