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Published: January 4, 2022

Lovelady 2021 Recap: Where We've Been!

Here at The Lovelady Center, we’re always striving to serve as many women as possible. Keep reading to learn how we were able to change more lives than ever in 2021.

How the Lovelady Journey Starts

The women in our program come to us for a wide range of reasons. Some are here on court order or to shorten their prison sentence. Some women come of their own volition because they know they need help. Regardless of the reason why they’re with us, our number one priority is to empower these women to overcome barriers to success and rebuild their lives.

Helping as Many as Possible

In 2021, we had 854 women enter our program. This means that we provided programs and shelter for over 1,350 women and their children. We are so blessed to have had an impact on so many lives this past year.

Our maximum occupancy is around 400, but sometimes we can get up to 420 depending on the need. That means that we’ve been at max capacity for much of 2021. While this means a lot of heavy lifting, we’re thrilled to have so many women working to better the lives of themselves, their families, and their communities. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our donors. So thank you for your continued support!

What Empowerment Looks Like

We do more than just help our Loveladies recover from drug addiction. We also help prepare them for life after recovery. That’s why we offered over 750 Lifeskill classes in 2021. These classes taught skills like anger management, parenting, overcoming trauma, relapse prevention, Bible study, financial literacy, women’s health, and so much more. We believe that this well-rounded approach allows our clients to support themselves and break the cycle of poverty and incarceration.

Education is also a large part of what we do at Lovelady. It’s a huge stepping stone to a more productive, stable future. With this in mind, we offered over 4,500 hours of GED tutoring. This helped 17 women earn their GED, and 2 even received their high school diplomas. In 2021, there were 69 certificate courses completed and college enrollments.

Reflecting Back on 2021

Last year was obviously a redeeming year for our Loveladies. But our ministry also made giant steps as a whole. We excitedly opened a new food ministry, Lovelady Manna, that can serve the community by offering food boxes to those in need. This is in addition to the 530,000 meals we already served to the women and children in our ministry. We give God the glory for another successful year. If you’re interested in joining our important work, donate today to help empower women to walk forward with a faith-driven hope for the future.

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