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Published: October 22, 2021

Accomplishments of Our Most Recent Graduating Class: The Lovelady Center

At The Lovelady Center, our mission is to assist women as they reclaim their lives. We accomplish this by teaching these women to overcome the barriers that many women face when trying to return to society after incarceration and break the cycle of poverty. With the help of our programs, these women build life skills and receive spiritual guidance. 

We encourage all of the women in our program to stay with us until graduation. Our graduation ceremonies are a celebration: A celebration of how much our clients have accomplished and how far they’ve come on their journey. Keep reading to learn more about our graduation process—and how those in our most recent graduating class have proven themselves.

What It Takes To Graduate From The Lovelady Center

From the time our clients walk in our doors up to graduation can take anywhere from 9 to 12 months. But it largely depends on the client: How much they need to accomplish and how long it takes them to get it done.

Each client has a list of program objectives that they must complete before graduating. During the five-phase process, they’re required to acquire 34 Lovelady credits. These credits are earned through classes that fit almost any need—and empower our clients to grow as independent women of God. 

In addition to our Lovelady credits, our clients must also:

  • Earn 34 continuing education credits;
  • Acquire their GED (if applicable);
  • Attend counseling sessions;
  • Participate in our Job Readiness Program;
  • Obtain a state-issued ID or Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, and Social Security Card (all needed for future employment);
  • Settle any outstanding warrants or legal issues;
  • Maintain their sobriety throughout the entirety of the program;
  • Establish a positive home plan;
  • And be current on program fees. 

Once our clients have accomplished all of these requirements, we believe them to be equipped with everything they need to reenter society as well-equipped, contributing members. But some of our clients go above and beyond just program requirements. 

What Our October Graduating Class Accomplished

On October 22, we watched 12 amazing women walk onto the stage and accept their diplomas as they graduated from our program. Each of them has their own unique, impactful story. But we want to share what they have accomplished as a group. 

  • 170 collective years of addiction have been broken;
  • 22 children have a healthy mother that is active in their lives;
  • 12 new relationships with the Lord;
  • 10 settled warrants that can open the door to a crime-free life;
  • 2 Specialized Job Certifications and potential for fulfilling employment;
  • 1 GED that may lead to new opportunities;
  • 1 high school diploma, along with the pride and possibilities it presents;
  • 1 child who saw her mother for the first time since she was a year old. 

Join Our Ladies’ Stories

When we hear stories like these, we know that the work we accomplish here at The Lovelady Center is important and necessary. Not only are we helping these women build better futures for themselves: We’re also helping to rebuild families and communities. We’d love for you to join us on this journey. You can do so by joining our newsletter or by making a donation today to support our vital work.

4 comments on “Accomplishments of Our Most Recent Graduating Class: The Lovelady Center”

  1. Changed my life forever.
    The most amazing program I have ever been involved with. When you walk in the front door,you feel the presence of the Lord. I will always be proud to be a lovelady

    1. We charge an intake fee of $500, the only form of monetary payment we require, but do not let that be a factor - if you cannot pay the intake fee, let us know and we will find a way to let you enter the program.

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