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Published: January 11, 2024

Lovelady Center 2023 Accomplishments

What we achieved because YOU gave:

Completed Projects: 
Security Cameras
Sensory Room for KidZone
New area for school-age children
Keyless Entry 
Cafeteria Renovated 
Large Walk-in Freezer for Manna
Restroom addition and renovations 

Maintenance Area improvement:
Car lift & Cardboard Bailer 

Projects in Progress:
2nd Elevator (90% Complete)
Safety Alarm (80% Complete)
Roof (Just starting, fully funded)
Windows (Just starting, 75% funded)

899 new ladies, serving over 1300 in 2023

Program Classes:

For 2023, there were over 35,000 hours of life-equipping opportunities for women participating in classes, through the 2,175 hours taught.  We had 6 terms of classes, each term had on average of 55 classes. Though the classes offered are very diversified, the following specific certificates were earned: 

356 Parenting Certificates total (sum of 4 different parenting classes offered)
110 Anger Management certificates
2 new classroom locations had to be set up
168 CPR Certifications
est.160 Child Health and Safety Steps Certificates 

278 Graduated Program, each earning a minimum of 34 class credits, 34 educational credits, 34 Health credits, 34 Parenting credits, along with several other requirements


Complete GED's24
GED Sections Passed87
Enrolled in College7
College Semester Complete8
Enrolled in Certificate Prog42
Completed Cert prog37
Ready to Work29
Completed RTW28
UAB Computer Lit I Cert37
UAB Computer Lit II Cert28
Total GED tutoring Hours4340
picture of a woman smiling and holding a bachelors degree certificate at the front desk of the lovelady center

Counseling: Between private sessions, small groups and specific assignments, our counseling team completed 5771 sessions in the year 2023.  

Health: Fitness & Nutrition Program: Recognizing the importance of healthy living; we created a Fitness and Nutrition program that started in March of 2023. We had 650 personal one on one sessions, creating a personal plan for that person in each session. The fitness center, in its second year, has over 30 volunteers teaching a variety of fitness classes. Overall, between volunteers and staff, there were close to 700 fitness classes and there were 6755 sign-ins; which means there were that many visits to the gym and\or classes!!  

Kitchen: Our kitchen stayed super busy, feeding all our women and children, making over 600,000 meals, while at the same time, assisting Manna in feeding the community with our excess.  

Manna: Manna distributed over 15,600 food boxes to the community.  Each box is designed to feed a family of 4 for a week.  In addition, Manna served 18,720 hot meals to the homeless.

Transportation 2023

We manage every day to run three zones, transport the children back and forth, transport women to their court appearances, transport women to their DHR visits with their children, transport back and forth to both Lovelady thrift stores, WalMart runs, and any other miscellaneous things that may need to be done. 

Category                                        2023 Mileage

Court Runs/DHR                            626,880
Miracle Academy/Kid                    43,008
Irondale/Clay                                  51,744
Zones                                              221,760
Overnight                                        96,000
Walmart/Other                                4,032

Total                                                 1,047,184 transportation miles

Medical: Medical worked very hard in 2023 to establish better systems to ensure all women and children received quality medical care through one of our many resources.  Primarily, we established a stronger relationship with Christ Health Center, where, together, we have established a turn-key system to get all our women medical right from the start.  

Dr. Hall retired, leaving a huge hole in a major need, but Christ Health Center has helped fill the gap. Dr. Combs still faithfully volunteers, seeing approximately 35 patients monthly. We have paid out close to $60,000 in ladies prescriptions, ensuring every resident's medical needs are met.  

Dental Clinic:  Our Dental Clinic has had a great year!  
Teeth extracted 937
Cleanings and  oral cancer screenings 83
Smoking cessation and nutritional counseling 20
Teeth restored and saved 83
Dentures delivered 78 with 14 additional  set to deliver after Jan. 8th. 
Dental assistants trained -3
Employed or offered employment- 1
Still in training- 2 with one offered employment as a dental assistant upon graduation

We were CODA approved as a minor and major rotation site with a total of 10 residents rotating through our clinic

Total volunteer hours in dental clinic 305

Freedom Rain Academy (after-school and summer program for our school-aged children): In 2023, we served 121 kids in FRA and we baptized 25 kids. We also started a parenting program to better equip our mothers and other programs that help to prevent child abuse and neglect. During the summer, we started 7 clubs for the kids which included fitness, cooking, gaming, art, gardening, doodling, and praise dance. We also began counseling for some of our students which continued through the year.

KidZone (daily childcare for our infants-4 year olds): Through our partnership with Bundles of Hope, we have received approximately 54,000 diapers in 2023 which has allowed us to provide for our babies in the kid zone. We have given 22,650 diapers, over 500 packs of wipes and over 300 miscellaneous items (bottles, baby wash, sippy cups, etc) to our mothers in procurement orders in 2023. 

We remodeled our 4-year old room, creating learning stations throughout. Each classroom now has a lead teacher, offering consistency to our preschoolers. We had a change in leadership and implemented weekly themes, shapes and colors of the week in each classroom as well as schedules for each class room. We partnered with Childcare Resources, which provides free training for our staff teachers. Two teachers received their CDA. We served around 170 children in 2023. We currently have 82 children enrolled with an average of 55 to 60 in Kidzone daily. Like FRA, we are better equipping our moms through the parenting program.

2023 Volunteers:
Adults - 1239
Students - 412
Total hours served 6,065.50

In-Kind Resource Department: 
Hygiene Bags over 8,500 hygiene bags distributed
In-Kind donation value $207,834.21 (not including Santa Shop)

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