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Published: February 1, 2022

What All Goes into Getting the GED & How Our Loveladies Get There

At The Lovelady Center, education is a huge part of what we do. It’s a step toward breaking the cycle of poverty and recidivism. When our clients reach their goals and earn their GED, they’re empowered to reenter society as well-equipped women of God. Keep reading to find out how we support our Loveladies on their journey to obtaining their GEDs.

Education Plan

Within the first three weeks of joining our program, our clients meet with Connie Farrell, Director of Adult Education. They review previous education, set goals, and create a strategy to meet those goals. 

In some cases, clients are only a few credits away from earning their high school diploma. Our new high school program lets these women go through a community college to earn their missing credits. Then, they contact their former high school and get their diploma.

Putting That Plan Into Action

For those that don’t qualify for the high school program, the next step is to complete a test to determine what level of tutoring they need. These tutoring classes allow them to earn the education credits that they need.

We have four tutoring levels, depending on their test results. The GED has four sections: math, science, language arts, and social studies. Historically, math is the most challenging subject. With the help of vocabulary words, the other three sections are easier.

Our partnership with Central Alabama Community College has been a blessing to our program and Loveladies. Once a client passes a GED practice test, Central Alabama Community College gives them a voucher to take the test for free. This makes a GED much more attainable for many in our program. 

Certifications & College

We also have a partnership with Jefferson State Community College. Through their programs, our Loveladies can enroll in college or certification programs. They offer counseling to help our clients choose the best program or certification for their goals. About 80% of those who set a goal to complete their GED also plan to attend college. Thanks to online programs, many can do so while still living at The Lovelady Center.

Success Stories

Last year, 17 women earned their GEDs, and 2 got their high school diplomas. Our record was set in 2013 with 25, and we hope to reach that number again soon! Each Lovelady is different. Sometimes, our clients will achieve their goals while in our program. Other times, they continue working to earn their GEDs even after leaving our program. We offer support to these women any way we can, even after their time with us is completed.

One particular client has an incredibly impactful story. She joined our program five separate times. The first few times, she had no interest in the education portion of our program and regularly avoided tutoring. The fourth time, she finally saw the need for it. But the fifth time was the charm! After meeting with Connie, she knew that obtaining her GED was the path to a better future. We’re so proud that she passed the test, earning her GED. She immediately went back to Connie’s office and asked to be enrolled in college. Now, she’s attending college at Jefferson State Community College and living on her own. This is just one moving story, but it represents the journey of many of our clients.

How You Can Help The Lovelady Center

By overcoming barriers to success, our Loveladies are able to build the life skills necessary to support themselves and their children. Education is often one of those barriers to success, and that’s why we consider it “Lovelady Law.” We require the women in our program to continue tutoring until they get their GED or leave the program. If you’re interested in helping our clients build the confidence required to earn their GED and reclaim their lives, please make a donation here. You can also sign up for our newsletter to be the first to learn about all the exciting things we have going on here at The Lovelady Center.

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